Historic Preservation in West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood has recognized the importance of preserving its cultural resources since its incorporation as a city in 1984. The City adopted a Historic Preservation Ordinance in 1989 and has designated over eighty historic and cultural resources, including six historic districts.

The underlying reason for assessment and protection of cultural resources is the recognition, by citizens and governments at all levels, that such resources have value and should be retained as functional parts of modern life. The cultural resources extant in West Hollywood give the city its special character and cultural depth. Some cultural resources contain information whose study can provide unique insights about the community’s past, and help answer broad questions about history. In more utilitarian terms, each historic building represents an investment that should not be discarded lightly. Maintaining and rehabilitating older buildings and neighborhoods can offer savings in energy, time, money, raw goods and materials.

Historic preservation is an important component of West Hollywood’s urban landscape and culture.

The Historic Preservation chapter of the West Hollywood General Plan 2035 addresses the goals and policies of the City in preserving and protecting its cultural resources. To access the document, click the link below.