The foundation of a successful preservation program is an understanding of the location, distribution, and significance of historic and cultural resources, which include buildings, sites and/or landscapes. This understanding is achieved through the historic and cultural resource survey process. In addition to identifying important individual historic or cultural resources and potential districts, a survey can help identify buildings that qualify for local or national preservation incentives or inform the development of new projects that protect the integrity of designated properties.

The following surveys can be found in the Current and Historic Preservation Planning (CHPP) Division’s preservation library.

Past Surveys

The 1986-87 Citywide Survey focused on pre-1942 buildings and included approximately 1,750 sites.

Recently Completed Surveys

The City completed a historic resources survey in November 2008 that focused on pre-1961 buildings within the City’s R2, R3, and R4 multi-family residential zones. This survey included approximately 2,160 properties.

Historic Resource Surveys – Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding historic resource surveys in the City of West Hollywood. For further information, consult the National Register’s Guidelines for Local Surveys.

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