Old Sherman Thematic Grouping

(Designated in 1999)

The Old Sherman Thematic Grouping contains some of the original residences of West Hollywood, then known as Sherman. Built between 1899 and 1907, these dwellings were homes for many of the workers at the Pacific Electric Railway. The buildings contain common architectural elements including hipped roofs, narrow wood clapboard sidings, simple endboards, and window trim, front porches and simple floor plans. Known as the “Plains Cottages,” these homes pre-date the craftsman-style dwellings, which were built after 1910. They reflect the housing styles familiar to the Midwestern emigrant workers that settled in Sherman. The homes in this Old Sherman Thematic Grouping are representative of West Hollywood’s birth as a distinctive city and evoke its modest beginnings.


8863 Cynthia St
8863 ½ Cynthia St
8867 Cynthia St
8914 Cynthia St
837 San Vicente Blvd
847 San Vicente Blvd
849 San Vicente Blvd
850 San Vicente Blvd
927 Palm Ave
931 Palm Ave