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1230-32 Flores Street

1230-1232 Flores is a 1928 multi-family apartment property that is a part of the Courtyard Thematic District. Each of the buildings incorporates a partially enclosed outdoor space that individual units share as a common area. Fireplaces, benches, water elements, and landscaping elaborate the courtyard spaces as outdoor living areas. The increasing demand for housing that accompanied the rapid growth of the Los Angeles region in the 1920s was well-served by the high density of the courtyard building. The Fountain Corridor in particular possesses a high concentration of elaborate courtyard designs. The district’s location between Beverly Hills and Hollywood and adjacent to the developing Sunset Strip, made it an increasingly attractive area for luxurious residential development. This highly urbane district attracted numerous film personalities. The incorporation of parking into many of the courtyard designs also indicates the growing importance and popularity of the automobile. (Photo Credit: Tony Coelho)