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8431 Santa Monica Boulevard

The seven-story, reinforced concrete building, located at 8431 Santa Monica Boulevard, is designed in a Gothic inspired Art Deco architectural style. The structure was buiIt by the Bekins Moving Van and Storage Company in 1926. Its huge size, with large elevator shafts and large loading dock doors, is representative of the need for movers and storage facilities in this rapidly growing residential district. The building is located at a focal corner in the City, the bend in Santa Monica Boulevard. It continues as a landmark for much of the boulevard’s length. A faintly rusticated first story acts as a base to six stories of vertical Gothic spandrels. The facades are divided into five bays on Olive and three bays facing Santa Monica. On the south and west facades, a large ground floor Tudor arch marks the base of each bay. Arches are filled with recessed, multi-paned windows along Santa Monica. Topping the structure are two large elevator shafts and a large neon sign for the Emser Company. The rooftop Emser sign is attached to an existing steel structure that originally held the Bekins storage sign. The sign structure, excluding the lettering, is an historic feature. (Photo Credit: Tony Coelho)